Player Development

The ADSL Development Academies are a constituent part of the FAI's Emerging Talent Programme.

The FAI's Technical Development Plan set out the framework for coaching and player development in Ireland with the emphasis on a long term and co-ordinated method of developing players. This plan outlines the Emerging Talent Programme as one of the key strategic development with the ambition of contributing to vastly improved skills, fitness and knowledge among Irish football players in the years to come.

The ADSL Development Academies are a part of this organised development programme for talented young players.

As a League, we are required to follow the FAI's Guidelines as follows ;

* To identify, develop, monitor and evaluate players in all age groups.

* To enable emerging talent to develop all of their capacities to their full potential.

* To provide emerging talent with a more challenging level of training and development.

* To provide emerging talent with the opportunity to train within their own area in a more structured and quality environment.

* To improve the quality of players in a fun, technically based, pressure free learning environment with a high degree of professional standards and disciplines that is dedicated to the holistic development of players.

* To place more emphasis on the mental, personal and lifestyle elements of a player's development.

* To ensure that each player fulfils their potential and enjoys the game as much as possible.


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