BOYNE CUP DAY 1   21/07/2018

BOYNE CUP 2018  - DAY 1

             FRIDAY 20TH JULY 2018

There is a feeling like Christmas morning about this.

The giddy excitement is just unreal. We have been looking forward to this for what seems like ages and it seemed this day would never come.

But here it is – Christmas Day and your Birthday all in one!

We meet up at Kilmartins N6 Centre all ready for our 4.00pm departure. All looking good in our ETP gear, fellas clambered to get on the bus for fear that it might go without us. Not too many threw a backward glance at the worried distraught Mammies!

Soon we were on our way.

There was great craic on the bus. We stopped in Applegreen for a Pit Stop and to stretch the legs. Back on the bus the excitement was growing. Charlie and Niadh got their hands on the Mic and lead the sing song. Just who is “Nellie Kelly”?

Before we knew it we were turning into Gormanston. A huge expansive complex that looks a little like Hogsworth!

After a short wait we were shown to our rooms which will be home for the next few days.

The players are in two big Dorms with Bunk Beds in Rooms 132 and 133. Most everybody is in with who they want and all seem happy.

We changed into casual gear. Senan brought his Croatia jersey. You see he really is Luka Modric!

We then went for a walk to look at the Pitches for tomorrow. On the way we came across this massive huge tree. Well you had to climb up it!

Roy did tell us to get out and climb a tree! Well we did that and that was good fun.

Then Sean won €1 for guessing a minute’s duration with Charlie winning the big money €2 for guessing two minute’s duration.

At the pitches we had a bit of a chat and were told the Teams for tomorrow. We can’t wait for it to start now!

Then it was back to the Dining Hall for Dinner.

There was great choice. You could have rice and/or chilli con carne and/or pork chops all with chips and/or mashed spuds and vegetables together with a desert. It was fantastic. James certainly thought so as he devoured two big pork chops!

The Dining Hall was humming with all the other teams making for a mighty atmosphere and if it were at all possible I think the level of excitement is growing even more!

After dinner it was back to the Rooms.

It did not take long for a quick pillow ambush by the boys in Room  132 on the unsuspecting innocents in Room 133. However they soon responded and soon there was the mother of all pillow fights. Nothing has been seen like this since the famous Battle of Aberystwyth many years ago!

Niadh was taken prisoner by Room 133 but he was determined not to be taken alive. In retaliation the 132 boys captured Brendan and put him in a clothes cage!

There was attack and counter attack until the UN brokered a Ceasefire and Peace broke out. There was even an exchange of prisoners. Well it was time to go to the cinema.

There was a problem with an Internet connection for the Movie so the ADSL boys just took over. Up on to the stage with them for a series of “Dance-Offs”.

We have some serious movers! Mrs. Hatton and Mrs. Corcoran and Mrs. Heavin and Mrs. Shine you should be very proud! Your offspring are some dancers! Cathal and Charlie are only mighty singers! What incredible fun! Unbelievable Jeff!

We got to watch Mr.Bean with mixed responses but believe it or not I think these boys are actually getting tired.

So back to the Rooms and off to bed. It took a while for a few to settle but soon all was quiet.

What a first day!

And we have not kicked a ball yet!


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