BOYNE CUP DAY 2   07/08/2018


              SATURDAY 21ST JULY 2018


Reports that all was quiet on the Gormanston front last night are ... well ....  just ...  “FAKE NEWS”!

You work it out!

Put 30 ten and eleven year olds in 2 separate Dorm type Rooms in Bunk Beds on a first weekend away together, playing football. The perfect recipe for a long quiet night of serene silence and perfect sleep.

Fake News!

Although it is probably fair to say that the whole lot of them got the minimum 8 hours last night. Between them!

Never has a path been worn to the bathrooms by so many. At least that was there the excuse when found out roaming the hallways. To be fair it was a hot sticky night but poor Rory in 132 and Danann in Room 133 were getting all the blame. They do snore but to blame them for keeping everyone else awake is a bit extreme. Simon’s suggestion to put a pillow over Rory’s head received much initial support but was eventually ruled out on the basis that he might be needed on Saturday and Sunday! There is however talk of a “Snore Off” between Rory and Danann for tonight!

Matters were not helped when a Refuse Lorry came in to pick up a load at about 4.30am! By that stage the seagulls were up and seemingly laughing and sneering at the feeble efforts at sleep.

Meanwhile Ryan and Senan seemed to sleep through it all. They must have been in a coma!

After whatever sleep was had it was down for breakfast.

Loads of cereal, orange juice, toast, fruit, yogurt etc. All very healthy!

And then we played some football!

And boy did we play football! What a fantastic day.

We are divided into 2 Squads – the ADSL Scholars and the ADSL Saints playing Under-11 at 9-a-side.

Let the games begin!

        ADSL SCHOLARS     3   :    Celtic Boys (Belfast)   1

What a start!

Two goals from Darragh L put us 2-0 up. His second goal was fantastic heading home at the back post from a superb Niadh cross. They got a goal back before the break but Daire made sure of the three points with a good goal in the second half.

This was a very good performance. We played really well and moved the ball about the pitch keeping good possession and switching play almost at will. This set down a marker.

        ADSL SAINTS 1    :   Star United (Ballymena)   0

In Group A the Saints also made a winning start but had to work very hard for it. Danann scored the only goal of the game from a corner after good play and good pressure forced the corner.

We had to defend for long periods but just about deserved a good win.

            ADSL SAINTS   0    :    Parkvilla (Navan)     3

The Saints were caught cold here.

Somehow and despite dominating possession and having the better chances we contrived to lose this. A little bit of a reality check.

          ADSL SCHOLARS    2  :   County Down Select    1

The Scholars guaranteed a place in the afternoon semi-finals with this win.

County Down Select took the lead but we were soon on level terms. Cathal scored a screamer and Darragh L made sure in the second half with his 3rd goal in 2 games.

                ADSL SAINTS  0   :   Welly Rec (Larne)    0

This hard fought draw guaranteed the Saints third place in the Group and a place in this afternoon’s Plate Final.

We were under huge pressure early on but came into the game the longer it went on and had a few good chances. Luke W was again outstanding.

Then it was off to Lunch. Again this was excellent. Plenty of good quality and loads of it. Nobody here going hungry.

Then we back out for the afternoon.

           ADSL  SCHOLARS   4  :   Welly Rec (Larne)  0

This was the Boyne Cup semi-final and this win puts us in the Final.

It took us a while to break them down but Darragh L did the needful finding the net just before the break. Niadh made it 2; Simon made it 3; Senan hit the post before Daire wrapped it up with a fourth to put the Scholars in the Final

                     ADSL SAINTS    0 :     Celtic Boys    0

                   (Celtic Boys win 2 – 1 on Penalties )


It could have gone either way in this Plate Final but it had to be decided in penalties.

They scored their first two while we missed our first two and hit the post with our third to put us in trouble. Callum scored our fourth to give us hope. Paul made a brilliant save to give us a glimmer of a chance and then they put their fourth wide. But we blazed our 5th over to give them the win.

Disappointing but we had a very good run.

                           BOYNE CUP FINAL 2018

         ADSL SCHOLARS  2  :    County Down Select   0

We are the Champions!

Yes, the ADSL Scholars have won the Boyne Cup!

We had a number of better than good chances to open the scoring but their keeper was in outstanding form. Jack and Niadh both had good shots saved early on. Then Darragh L displayed quick feet to make an opening for himself but again the Down keeper made a great stop. At the other end we needed a very good save from Luke N tipping the ball around his right upright.

But then just before the half-time break we made the breakthrough. Good work from Ruairi created the chance for Darragh L to again superbly finish for a 1-0 lead.

Darragh had a chance to double that lead before the break but again a super save kept the margin to the minimum.

We did double the lead in the second half. It was a superb individual goal by Charlie and very appropriate that he should score the decider. Charlie has been magnificent all day.

But it was a great team performance and well done to the Scholars on winning the Boyne Cup. Well done also to the Saints who came so close to an ADSL double.

What a day! “Nellie Kelly!”

It was great to get to both Finals and to win the Boyne Cup but it was much more pleasing for the manner in which both teams played. We played as we have trained. We have tried to play out from the back, to keep good possession, to switch the play when we could and to pass and move using the “up, back and through”. By and large we did all that pretty well. We have to be very happy with the way we played. It was also great fun!

After all the excitement it was time for dinner. Again no complaints on that front. Plenty of good food.

Then shortly after that we had the draw for the Champions League.

This is the innovation behind this Tournament. All the players from all the teams are mixed up to form 8 new Teams to compete in the Champions League tomorrow as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Roma, Juventus, Athletico Madrid, Dortmund and AC Milan.  No Man U’s or Liverpool but also no Celtic or Rangers. We are not sure how this will work out but let’s see. Player’s were drawn into the various teams and given the jersey, shorts and socks for that team for tomorrow and to keep!

Of course Senan was picked for Real Madrid – well he is Luka Modric in disguise! Looking good in that all-white kit Senan!

To help get to know your new team mates there was a “Know Your Sport” Table Quiz later in the evening. Not everyone showed up but it was good to meet some new people. Maybe this will work!

After that fellas were actually looking to go to bed! It was a long day (after a longer night!).

But it was also a great day. Hugely enjoyable! Well done everyone!

It was a very tired but very happy group that finally turned their minds to getting some sleep. Well a little sleep! Maybe!


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