English Super Cup 2018   07/08/2018



In the last week of July 2018 45 ADSL players will embark on the football trip of their young lives when they travel to Manchester to compete in the English Super Cup.

21 Under-12 players and 24 Under-13 players all from the ADSL’s Emerging Talent Programme League Centre will make the trip to Manchester.

The Under-12’s will compete as two teams in the Under-12 competition at 9-a-side as the ADSL Lions and the ADSL Tigers while the Under-13’s will compete as two teams also – the ADSL Saints and the ADSL Scholars – at 11-a-side.

The Squads are quite tight with only one or two at most subs per team. But all will get loads of football.

The Coaches have also decided to pick two even teams in each age-group. No “A” or “B” teams.

This is a continuation of ADSL policy in taking part in overseas competition as an important part of the young players continuing education and development as a footballer but also as part of his continuing development as a person.

These trips have seen ADSL teams compete in Tournaments in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, France, Holland and Malta over the last number of years and playing against teams from all parts of the world.

These are generally great experiences for these young players and we hope that the 2018 Tourists have a fantastic trip and make memories that will endure for years and years.

We wish them the best of luck for a great trip.

The Teams are :-


        ADSL LIONS                                  ADSL TIGERS

Junior Harte (Ballinasloe Town)               James Mitchell (Temple Villa)

James O’Rourke (Hodson Bay)                 Kyle Greene (St. Francis)

Cathal Hardiman (St. Francis)                  Adam Rocke (East Galway U)

Hagen Niall (Temple Villa)                        Niall Derwin (Hodson Bay)

Eoin Sheeran (St. Francis)                         Keelan Connell (AC Celtic)

Jeffrey Idahosa (St. Francis)                      Conor Feeney (St. Josephs)

Thomas Farrell (AC Celtic)                         Charlie O’Carroll (Hod Bay)

Fola Odekunle (St. Francis)                        Adam Kennedy (East Galway)

Benjy Murray (Temple Vila)                      Riberio Tica Jose (AC Celtic)

Comac Harrington (B’sloe Town)             Destiny Ezenna (St. Josephs)

Cian Lawless (Temple Villa)

The Under-12’s are coached by Clive O’Neill and Richie O’Neill.


       ADSL SAINTS                          ADSL SCHOLARS

Noah Heavey (Hodson Bay)                    Andrew Stuart-Trainor (Tem V)

Ryan Moran (St. Josephs)                       Aodhan Curran (Temple Vila)

Sean Minnock (Hodson Bay)                  Ewan Joyce-Whyte (Hod Bay)

David Westman (St. Francis)                  Kyle Fagan (St. Francis)

Brendan Murphy (Hodson Bay)             Tadhg Baker (Temple Villa)

Dean O’Neill (Temple Villa)                    Adam Keane (Temple Vila)

Josh McCarthy (Ballinasloe T)                Mark Kilkenny (Ballinasloe T)

Jason Ukatu (AC Celtic)                           Cian Kenny (AC Celtic)

Brandon Wykes (St. Francis)                  Michael Okpeaye (Temple V)

Cameron Keighery (B’sloe T)                  Eoin Connell (Ballinasloe T)

Isaac Emmanuel (Hodson Bay)               Daniel Omukoro (AC Celtic)

Shaun Kerrigan (Temple Villa)                Keelan Cawly (Ballinasloe T)

The Under-13’s are coached by Tadhg Carey and Brendan Connell.

The rest of the travelling party are Physio David Lynch and Padraig Quinn.

David Lynch is new to most of the lads. He was with the Kennedy Cup Squad in June and is studying in AIT. He also plays hurling and is on the extended Clare Senior Hurling Panel. But we will knock that out of him!

There is also a much larger unofficial travelling party of parents, family and friends. But you will not read about their exploits on these pages! We probably could not print that anyway!

The lads also had a Draw to help fundraise for their trip. That Draw took place on the 23rd July and the winners are:-

          FIRST PRIZE – 2 Tickets for Chelsea v Arsenal

 WINNER – Ger Murray  :  Seller – Benjy Murray U-12 

SECOND PRIZE – 2 Tickets for Liverpool v Napoli

WINNER – Brian Malone  : Seller – Kyle Greene U-12 

   THIRD PRIZE – 2 Tickets – Ireland v Denmark

WINNER – Fred Ballinasloe : Seller –Junior Harte U-12 

 Thanks to all who supported the Draw and these Boys.

Thanks also to AC Celtic and to Temple Villa for the use of their facilities for training and to prepare these lads for this trip.

Now please read more and follow our exploits on our Summer Tour to Manchester.

NOTE : We must extend our most sincere condolences and sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Paddy Mills late of Greenhills, Dublin ( a Bohs man) and in particular to his grandson David Westman who travels with us to Manchester and to David’s Mam, Ger who is also the St. Francis Hon Secretary.

May he Rest in Peace. And David will do him proud in Manchester.



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