English Super Cup Day 3   07/08/2018


                 FRIDAY 27TH JULY 2018

 Everyone was down for breakfast together this morning. 

Great solidarity. We are all in this together. Sadly this was ruined by two of the Coaches (would you believe) sneaking off for a clandestine and surreptitious fry. They could not resist the lure of the sizzling sausage and crispy rasher and might have got away with it had they just wiped the auld egg yolk off their chin. Shame on you! Clive and Brendan should hang their heads in shame but would only run the risk of transferring the egg yolk to their tops!

Walking back from the Dining Hall we pass the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. When it is suggested (somewhat mischievously) that we could usefully while away a few hours there it was met by the not unreasonable query from a 13 year-old – “Why? What does it do?”

No answer to that really!

So it was back to bed for everyone else with the U-13 Scholars getting on the bus for their 11.15 kick-off.

“Who are we playing?”

“The Scottish team, Inverness Street League!”

“A Scottish team! Are they from Scotland?”

No answer to that either!

It was again very hot and at 10.30am as we made our way to Pitch 30.

“Where is Pitch 30?”

“Between Pitch 29 and Pitch 31!”

Is this Day 3 or Day 33?

         U-13 – ADSL SCHOLARS 1  :  Inverness SL   1

What a great game!

These Scholars are mighty men! We were under pressure for long periods and well before we finally conceded to go one behind. But what a performance.

I tell you that if we ever go to war I want Kyle F in my trench. The man is a warrior!

But he was not alone. Michael O, Cian (again), Tadhg, Aodhan, Adam K, Mark and Ballinasloe Keelan just left everything on the pitch. Andrew made a super save when needed. And all was rewarded when Michael O was fouled for a free-kick. Up stepped the U-12 Kealan, in for the injured Daniel, and stroked the ball to the net for a magnificent goal.

This draw and the point puts the Scholars in the Super Cup semi-final tomorrow as winners of their Group. Magnificent.

And it has to be also said that these Scottish boys (from Scotland) are as sound as they come. The two sides just get on so well. Almost kindred spirits and a pleasure and a privilege to meet them. Good lads and good people.   

By the time the other 3 Teams arrived the Scholars were tucking into a well deserved Curry Chips. Daniel seemed to be enjoying his. Michael O has gone mad on the Slushies! Green ones! We will see them again!

  U-12 – ADSL TIGERS  0  :  New Saints Academy 1

This was close. Very close.

We played very well against this Welsh side but could not convert any of many chances. It was our best performance here except we just could not find the net. We came closest when Niall’s header came back off the post from a very good Destiny cross.

But then we conceded late on to a very good header from a corner kick and that would be enough to decide a very close game.

It was heart breaking.

       U-12 – ADSL LIONS  0 : Britannia Juniors   4

This was tough.

This was a very good Liverpool team and we did well to hold them scoreless to half-time. That was largely due to a simply stunning and amazing save by Junior. He had no right to even get near what looked a certain goal but somehow he flew to his right getting fingertips to the ball pushing it around his post. Everyone stood and applauded in amazement. It was simply the greatest save most of us had ever seen! That good!

Junior just smiled and said “it was ok” but that was something really special.

In the second half they cut loose. They were flattered by the margin and the ball was well out of play before they scored the fourth but that is to quibble. The Lions did their best but met a better team here. No shame in that but this game will always be remembered for that stupendous Junior save. What a Save!

   U-13 – ADSL SAINTS  0  :  New Saints Academy  3

Our last game of the day.

On the face of it this looks like another big defeat for the Saints but this New Saints Academy have already beaten SFC Manchester who put 8 past us yesterday.

Tadhg reckons these are the best team in the Tournament and by a distance and that this was the Saints best performance in the competition.

It was 0-0 at half-time after a herculean effort. We are paying the price for a small Squad with only one roll-on/roll-off sub and we conceded three in the second half while still putting in a mighty effort. Special mention must be made of Dean who was the best player on the pitch and that is saying something in this company.

Done for the day it was back onto the bus and back to Salford. If anything the craic on the bus is getting better and better.

Again, straight into the Dining Hall for dinner and then back to the Rooms.

After a shower and some free time we are into the nearby swimming pool for 8.00pm. There was a slight delay which gave Charlie the chance to shoot a few hoops with the local basketball team. He was barely up to their hips! But he eventually got his basket to huge acclaim.

Then it was into the Pool. For many this will be the highlight of the week. Who would have thought that a hole in the ground filled with water should generate such incredible fun!

David took the lads for a Recovery session first and then it was free play with footballs thrown in for good measure to add to the mayhem. Kyle F gave a powerful demonstration with a 50M Freestyle including an impressive tumble turn. All were hugely impressed. Kyle – the legend just grows and grows.

Ewan then challenged Kyle to a race with first 25M Breaststroke and then 25M Freestyle. Fair dues to Ewan but Kyle was the winner and the U-12’s just think he is a god now and sang his name over and over. And what a sing song was had in the swimming pool! The staff did not know what to make of it all but in a good way. The boy’s behaviour was immaculate and they are a credit to everything they represent.

They managed to wrangle almost an extra half hour in the pool and it was a very happy group that made their way back to the Rooms.

We then had Team Meetings.

We also have a Birthday today. To be honest we knew we had a birthday while in Manchester but somehow thought it was tomorrow. But it is today. So Happy Birthday James.

Because we are in England he will get two birthdays and we will make a proper job of it tomorrow.

Done for another day. I don’t think there is a happier Group anywhere right now.


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