English Super Cup Day 5   07/08/2018


                SUNDAY 29TH JULY 2018

Our last day at the Tournament.

We have had opportunity to carefully reflect on yesterday evenings events. We have had a long talk with the lads.

We have very clearly explained that we are in England now. That in this “green and pleasant land” that children should be seen and not heard. We have been very careful to explain to the lads that they should not smile (at least in public) and certainly that they should not laugh or do anything that could even be remotely considered or vaguely interpreted as signalling or purporting to convey any suggestion or sense that they might be having a good time or that they are enjoying themselves.

 That should avoid any confusion.

Yea. Right. There is no chance of that.

Fittingly perhaps it is pouring rain. After four glorious days it is now spilling rain. We are going to get soaked today. That should knock the spirit out of those confounded Irish!

There is less chance of that.

Anyway down for breakfast. The trip back was littered with the remains of packed lunches. Clearly water and paper do not mix that well!

When we got to the Pitches only the Tigers togged out with everyone else taking shelter either on the Bus or in the dressing rooms. But the Tigers were determined to finish on a high.

  U-12 – ADSL TIGERS   5  :  Advanced Football A  4

That is how to do it.

Despite the rain we played very well. Still we went behind despite dominating the early parts of the game.

But Kyle G put us level and then we went 2-1 down only for Adam R to equalise with a great goal which he really enjoyed. Adam has been great all week, on and off the pitch. He is also probably the most polite child on the planet. When you compliment him on doing something good in a match (which is quite often) he will reply mid match with a “thank-you”. What an amazing young man!

Kealan then put us 3-2 up and Destiny made it 4-2 all before half-time. It has stopped raining now and we are beginning to dry out.

Kealan and Destiny leave at half-time to help out the U-13 Scholars who are short with Michael unable to play. We still play very well and go long periods of just keeping the ball. However we soon come under pressure. James gets tired of saving shots with his hands and starts to use his face instead! What a keeper!

But even James can’t stop them making it 4-3. Riberio then makes it 5-3 before they score at the end for 5-4.

 A good result and a good game to end our Tournament.

     U-13 – ADSL SCHOLARS  0  :   Inverness SL   0

Another good performance in another good game with the good folk from Inverness.

This is the 3rd/4th Place Play-Off in the Super Cup.

There were chances at either end by both sides but a draw was a fair result .  Andrew had to make a great save towards the end. There were suggestions of playing extra-time but everyone was happy enough to leave it at that. The Scots are good guys and we are happy to share third spot with them.

It has been a good Tournament for the Scholars. They did well. A team of warriors who dug deep several times and always gave everything they had. They played well and can be very proud of their exploits in Manchester.

    U-13 – ADSL SAINTS   4  :   Winsford Colts   4

A good finish for the Saints in a mighty match.

We were actually two goals down here. Brendan scored from a corner to make it 2-1. Good man Virgil! Josh then equalised from a free kick. Sean put us ahead to make it 3-2 and then Brandon finished a great cross from Sean to make it 4-2.

They got it back to 4-3 but we had the chance to win it when awarded a penalty.

Brandon was unlucky to strike the crossbar but it became even worse when they went straight down the other end to score to make it 4-4.

Great drama I’m sure but not to be on the wrong end of it.

But a good way to finish. Bow out on a high. The Saints had little good luck all week but kept going and we will be the better for the experience.

       U-12 – ADSL LIONS  1  :  Jogabolafutsal   0

This was a Trophy semi-final.

This was against the first team the Tigers played last Wednesday. Then they totally outplayed us and won 3-1.

We were determined to change that. We brought in some (eligible) U-12 players from the 13’s in Brandon, Cameron and Aodhan.

We were brilliant. We worked very hard and played very well. We were the better team. It was 0-0 at half-time and Hagen scored the all important and only goal.

It was to prove a point to ourselves more than anyone else. We were happy with the performance and then with the result. We showed that we can play. We could go home now.

   U-12 – ADSL LIONS  0  :  New Saints Academy  2

This Trophy Final was just a game too far.

We looked jaded and tired and played like that barely raising a gallop in the first half.

Cian kept us in it with a very good near post save but we conceded two fairly quick goals, the second from a free kick, to trail 2-0 by half-time. Our only response came from our best move leading to Cameron just shooting over.

We were better in the second half but it was done by then. We gave it a go but they are a good side. We never reached the heights of the earlier semi-final and it was a pity to end it that way.

But overall a good Tournament by the Lions. They had many high points and much good to look back on.

Soon it was time to pack up and leave the Venue for the last time. We were quickly off to the Trafford Centre before the shops closed. There was a huge run on the ADSL Bank which remarkably was open on a Sunday!

The Trafford Centre is amazing. The largest shopping centre in Europe. The size of the place is staggering.

We met up again in the Food Court area. This was on 2 or maybe even 3 Floors. Every food imaginable. But still no Supermacs! We could have murdered a Curry Chips and Chesse!

Then it was off to the Arcade area. After that we went Laser Tag Shooting. This turned into a contest between the U-12’s and the 13’s.

The 12’s won the first game but the 13’s rallied to win the second game even though David was recruited to play for the 12’s. That was a bit of craic.

Then it was back to the Rooms in Salford. The advice was to get a start on the packing for the morning. Then it was back down to the Cinema Room for Pizza and a Movie.

We also bide farewell to Junior who was collected by his Mam as they go onwards on holiday. Junior had a great week and we will never forget that save!

The Movie was an ADSL Production! The story of the 2015 Kennedy Cup. There were a few technical problems to start but when it got going it was not bad. It has to be said that a few fell asleep during it but we are charitably attributing that to a long week rather than the Movie itself!

Then there were a few speeches.

Then there was a bombshell, certainly for the 13’s.

We were informed that we are losing Isaac. He is to move to Carlow. In fact his family made the move while we were in Manchester and Isaac will not be returning to Athlone. His Dad will collect him in Dublin tomorrow.

This came as a complete shock to almost everyone. He had not wanted to say anything to any of the lads.

This got very emotional. Isaac only joined us this year and is a very good player but is also a very popular member of the Group. This is a tight Group who have been through a lot and this hits hard. Isaac and many of the Group are inconsolable and very upset. It put a damper on the evening.

So a sad way to finish off. Most went off to bed quietly. The 13’s would talk long into the night with and about Isaac. Nobody was expecting that and it is a bit of a shock.

But it is not the end. Yes we are sorry to see Isaac go. We will miss him. But it is the start of a new adventure for Isaac and his family and we wish them the very best of good luck.

And so our last night in Manchester.


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