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Final Round up from Malta

Monday 08th April, 2013

DAY 9 - THURSDAY 4TH APRIL 2013 Is that it?Hard to believe that this is our last day! The nine days have simply flown. It has been great fun and an unbelievable and unforgettable wonderful experience for everybody.We were down for breakfast for after nine with the plan to finish the packing and then hit the pools for one last time. It was all going well until...

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Thursday 04th April, 2013

DAY 8 - WEDNESDAY 3RD APRIL 2013 This is to be a big day.The Scholars are in semi-final action at 10.30am. The Saints don't play until 1.30pm. So the Saints had a bit of a lye-in while the Scholars were down for breakfast for 8.30 so as to be on the road for 9.15 to be at the Stadium in good time.It had spilled rain overnight and the ground was wet but was visibly drying...

More News from u14s trip to Malta

Tuesday 02nd April, 2013

DAY 7 - TUESDAY 2ND APRIL 2013 First, some housekeeping. In response to several enquiries we can confirm that the answer to the "Callum O'Brien" question in Sunday's Table Quiz was "a telephone"! Think about it! "What demands to be answered but never asks a question?" Look, they are Sher's questions! What did you expect?Second we want to sincerely apologise...

Malta Diary Update

Monday 01st April, 2013

The planned day-trip to Gozo did not happen. There was difficulty in rounding up a team to play us out there. That is understandable. If we had got a request to put out a team on Easter Sunday morning to play a visiting team in a friendly we would struggle.The Go Karting was arranged as an alternative and just about everyone was happy with that decision. It was...

Malta Diary

Sunday 31st March, 2013

DAY 1 - WEDNESDAY 27TH MARCH 2013Shortly after 1.00am they started to emerge from the snow blizzard and frezzing cold. The small groups of one or two soon swelled and the quiet whispers were soon replaced by a raucous excitement and sense of anticipation.The thirty players from the ADSL Academies were getting ready to depart for the trip of a lifetime to...

Malta Results to date

Saturday 30th March, 2013

1999 Category - Latest Results Thursday 28th March 2013 24 1:45 PM PAOLA HIBS 7 3 VALLETTA 25 3:00 PM SLIEMA W. 4 0 ATHLONE SAINTS 26 4:15 PM BIRKIRKARA 1 3 ATHLONE SCHOLARS Friday 29th March 2013 27 9:00 AM HAMRUN Sp. 6 0 SAN GWANN 28 10:15...

Here we go again

Monday 25th March, 2013

Malta 2013 news will be coming soon so check back often for reports - a new link has been created on the navigatrion bar called Malta 2013 also


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