2014 UK Tour

UK Tour Day 6

Tuesday 22nd April, 2014

DAY 6 – MONDAY 21ST APRIL 2014 Day 6, our last day but what a last day. “Unbelievable Jeff!” The day started early with breakfast by 8.00am, then the final packing, loading up those bags that were going back on the ferry and then checking out of the Hotel. (It should be recorded that the Hotel staff were full of praise for...

UK Tour Day 5

Monday 21st April, 2014

DAY 5 – EASTER SUNDAY – 20TH APRIL 2014 Happy Easter ! Another fantastic day on a trip that just gets better and better. Down for breakfast at 8.30am and then we had a Tour of Bolton Wanderers Reebok Stadium. It is very impressive. We were out on the pitch, which is incredible. It is like the best putting green you have ever...

UK Tour Day 4

Saturday 19th April, 2014

ADSL EASTER TOUR – DAY 4 – SATURDAY 19TH APRIL 2014 What a special and truly memorable day! We did not have a game today. The team we were supposed to play pulled out and it was not possible to arrange another fixture at such short notice. A day off would do us no harm. Early on there were a few fellas going around in quiet...

UK Tour Day 3

Saturday 19th April, 2014

ADSL UK TOUR – DAY 3 – FRIDAY 18th APRIL 2014 Good Friday, and a simply glorious sunny day. It was an early start and we were down for breakfast for 8.00am and on our bus by 9.00am for a hectic day. We first headed to Burnley for a game against a local Academy. If the facilities yesterday were not great they were simply first class...

UK Tour Day 2

Saturday 19th April, 2014

ADSL UK TOUR – DAY 2 – THURSDAY 17TH APRIL 2014 We were all down for breakfast for 9.00am. Well most of us were. The goalkeepers appear to operate in a different time zone! Stephen explains it thus – it is slightly complicated but the alarm did work but the snooze function would just not co-operate and somehow went off...

UK Tour 2014 - Day 1 - Prologue

Thursday 17th April, 2014

Easter 2014 and 23 players from the ADSL Under-14 Development Academy travel to England. This is their story. Most of it is true. It is based on real events. NOTE: No ADSL players were harmed in the making of this story. (Hopefully!) We met up at The Bounty on Tuesday evening to load up our gear which is travelling over to England ahead of us on...


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