2014 Kennedy Cup

Day 6

Saturday 21st June, 2014

KENNEDY CUP – DAY 6 – FRIDAY 20TH JUNE 2014 Our last day began at a leisurely pace. Gudgie brought his lads for a full Irish. The rest of us slummed it and made to do the best we could. In the morning the coaches had individual feedback meetings with each of the players. That was a good idea and went well. Most then went to watch a...

Day 5

Saturday 21st June, 2014

KENNEDY CUP – DAY 5 – THURSDAY 19TH JUNE 2014 This will go down as one of our finest days ever at the Kennedy Cup this, or any other, year. The football we played today was just fantastic. It is football as it is meant to be played and the amount of compliments and praise which the players received today was very flattering and very...

Day 4

Thursday 19th June, 2014

DAY 4 - KENNEDY CUP – WEDNESDAY 18TH JUNE 2014 The ADSL Kennedy Cup Squad would wish to acknowledge the statement by RTE this morning that Bill O’Herlihy is to retire at the end of this World Cup. It is only right and proper that he should do so. His comments about Jo and Fred on last night’s broadcast were gratuitous and...

Day 3

Wednesday 18th June, 2014

DAY 3 – TUESDAY 17TH JUNE 2014 In golf this would be called “Moving Day”. Two games in a relatively short period, under a blazing sun, big crowds and a bit of pressure will determine the fate of our week. It started well. We were up for a good breakfast for 9.00 and everybody seems well up for the task. We know that we simply...

Day 2

Tuesday 17th June, 2014

DAY 2 – MONDAY 16TH JUNE What a beautiful day! The day was blessed with glorious sunshine and the youthful enthusiasm and exuberance of eager anticipation for a great five days of football. There are few better places to be this week. For the ADSL we were up for breakfast at 9.00am. For most it was a great night’s sleep. For...

Day 1

Monday 16th June, 2014

KENNEDY CUP 2014 - DAY 1 - SUNDAY 15TH JUNE 2014 Why this should be Day 1 I will never know as we have been preparing for this for months, for years even but the real deal starts today as we meet up at Kilmartins at 4.00pm to head down to Limerick. Spirits are high and everybody is looking and feeling good. We take a break on the way down and...

Kennedy Cup Kicks Off

Monday 16th June, 2014

2014 KENNEDY CUP The 2014 Kennedy Cup kicks off on Monday the 16th June 2014 in the University of Limerick. The Kennedy Cup is the most prestigious and biggest schoolboy football Tournament in Ireland. The ADSL will proudly take our place with the other 31 Schoolboy Leagues from all over the country for this Under-14 competition which is...


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