2015 Malta

Day 10

Sunday 12th April, 2015

DAY 10 – THURSDAY 9TH APRIL 2015 The last day! And a long day, especially for those for whom Day 9 morphed into the early parts of Day 10! Having got back from the Karaoke the sensible ones were soon in bed and asleep. For the rest, sleep was not the immediate concern. There was some good banter and some low jinks! One player was roused...

Day 9

Thursday 09th April, 2015

DAY 9 – WEDNESDAY 8TH APRIL 2015 As Eamon Dunphy might say – “It was a good day, not a great day”. All our hopes were invested in the Saints in their semi-final this morning. They put up a great show but narrowly lost out to a single goal. They went on to win the 3rd/4th Place Play-Off while the Scholars won the...

Day 8

Wednesday 08th April, 2015

DAY 8 – TUESDAY 7TH APRIL 2015 From very early this morning it was clear that this was going to be our hottest day so far. There was scarcely a breath of wind which made it feel even hotter. Oisin sends birthday greetings to his Dad. Happy Birthday Mark! Bryan sends regards to Toby. Toby has been unwell lately and is undergoing...

Day 7

Tuesday 07th April, 2015

DAY SEVEN – MONDAY 6TH APRIL 2015 One could very easily get used to this life. We were up for our breakfast at 9.30am. Then we walked the short distance to the Sirens stadium for a training session. We worked as the Saints and the Scholars separately on our shape and set-up and then on our set pieces. It is a glorious way to train. It is...

Day 6

Sunday 05th April, 2015

DAY 6 – SUNDAY 5TH APRIL 2015 Easter Sunday. Happy Easter. This was always intended as a “down day” for rest and recovery. It actually rained overnight and in the very early morning. The morning was a little overcast and blustery. But we are getting picky now! After breakfast we split into five groups and went for a...

Day 5

Sunday 05th April, 2015

DAY 5 – SATURDAY 4TH APRIL 2015 Day 5 already! Time is flying. (Are you still tuning in Kasey? Your dad is missing you! You are his sunshine!). Another beautiful morning with hardly a breath of wind. This could be a warm one. We were up for 9.30 and down for our breakfast. Zach is desperate for a salty rasher. Even half a one! But he is a...

Malta Day 4

Saturday 04th April, 2015

DAY 4 – FRIDAY 3RD APRIL 2015 Good Friday. It is also Nashir’s birthday. Happy Birthday Naz! To be fair Nashir has hardly mentioned over the last few days that it was his birthday on Friday. (Apparently there is a little old woman who lives on the top of a mountain here at the back end of Malta that does not know that it is...

Malta Day 3

Thursday 02nd April, 2015

MALTA DIARY – DAY 3 – THURSDAY 2ND APRIL 2015 A good night’s sleep works wonders. The boys are well refreshed and ready for a big day. There was however two complaints. Danny and Cian T snore. It would not be so bad if they did it in synchrony but they don’t and Jordi is not happy. Meanwhile the coaches work never appears to...

Malta Day 2

Thursday 02nd April, 2015

Whose idea was it to come to Malta anyway ? We had some weather in Ireland before we left with driving rain and raging winds that battered the country. It is even worse here. The wind and rain was bad enough. But then the thunder and lightning. Then it started to snow. It was so cold that we saw a polar bear...

Malta Day 1

Wednesday 01st April, 2015

THE MALTA DAILY DIARY At Easter 2015 a crack outfit of ADSL Under-14 footballers went on a (not so secret) footballing mission. Their task was to preach the ADSL gospel. To boldly go where no ADSL Under-14 footballer has gone before. (Well, except for every Easter and in 2012 and 2013 in Malta!) This is their story. DAY 1 : TUESDAY 31st...


Sunday 29th March, 2015

The ADSL U14 Development academy will fly out to Malta on Tuesday 30 March to take part in a competitive tournament while also playing several friendlies throughout their 9 day stay.Follow the action right here on ADSL.ieThe full travelling squad is as follows,JACK O BEIRNE JOSH HANNEY OISIN DUFFY JORDAN CARR CIAN MOLLOYADAM DONOGHUEEOIN KEOGHJAYDEN...


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