Malta 2018

Day 10 Malta

Monday 09th April, 2018

MALTA EASTER TOUR 2018 – DAY 10 THURSDAY 5TH APRIL 2018Our last day!Last night was quieter than you would think!We were tired. It was a long day and we have had nine previous fairly intense days. We were tired. We were also aware, and made aware, that we were sharing a hotel and a floor with other guests so a certain amount of respect was involved. So we were...

Day 9 Malta

Thursday 05th April, 2018

MALTA TOUR 2018 – DAY 9 WEDNESDAY 4TH APRIL 2018Ultimately a frustrating day!We were down for breakfast for 8.00am to be on the bus for 9.00am to be in the Stadium for our 10.30am semi-final.Both Brian and Zak are out injured and we will miss them as they have both been brilliant for us for the whole Tour.As we did our warm-up we caught glimpses of the first...

Day 8 Malta

Tuesday 03rd April, 2018

MALTA EASTER TOUR 2018 –DAY 8 TUESDAY 3RD APRIL 2018Told you not to doubt these young men, these warriors.Two games today, two wins today. Semi-final tomorrow!We are fully focused on this now. It was straight to bed last night. No messing. A good night’s rest ahead of a big day. Up for 7.45am today and down for breakfast for 8.15am. There is a...

Malta Day 7

Monday 02nd April, 2018

MALTA EASTER TOUR ’18 – DAY 7 MONDAY 2ND APRIL 2018A Bank Holiday at home but a serious days’ work for us with two games in the Tony Bajada Tournament and against probably the two strongest teams in the competition.On the face of it a draw and a defeat does not look great but in fact it was a great day’s work, two fantastic performances in...

Malta Tournament - State of Play

Monday 02nd April, 2018

2018 Edition - FixturesTEAM PWDLFAPts Pieta H. 3 3 0 0 16 19 St. Andrews 3 210 18 27 Hamrun Spartans 3 1 11134 4 Athlone ADSL 3 1 1 1 6 74Paola Hibs 3 0 123101 Mtarfa3 0 03 0320

Day 6 Malta

Monday 02nd April, 2018

MALTA TOUR – DAY 6 – EASTER SUNDAY SUNDAY 1ST APRIL 2018It is Easter Sunday, the 1st of April 2018!We have been less than honest with you. We have sugar coated events here by a huge amount.The truth of the matter is that there has been countless and continuing complaints about us in the Hotel. Too loud, running wild, out of control, rooms in a state....

Malta Day 5

Sunday 01st April, 2018

MALTA TOUR 2018 – EASTER TOUR - DAY 5 SATURDAY 31ST MARCH 2018We hear that Russia has expelled one Irish diplomat from Moscow. We sincerely hope that this has nothing to do with the “Splashing” incident yesterday! If so we sincerely apologise and the lads are determined to work on Irish / Russian relations in the coming days.Up for...

Day 4 Malta

Saturday 31st March, 2018

MALTA TOUR – DAY 4 – GOOD FRIDAY FRIDAY 30TH MARCH 2018Good Friday.A day of great solemnity, reverence and respect especially here in Malta which we will do our best to respect.Very little goes on here on a Good Friday so we are greatly obliged to the Pembroke Athletic Club for facilitating a game today which means an early start for a 9.15am...

Day 3 - Hot Stuff

Thursday 29th March, 2018

MALTA DIARY – DAY 3 – THURS 29/3/18First, some breaking news.This is of particular importance to members of Athlone Tennis Club.If Eoghan’s Dad, Jimmy, challenges you to a game and nonchalantly suggests a wager on the side you should be aware that he is taking Tennis lessons out here in Malta.Sounds like a bit of a racket to me but thought...

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

MALTA DIARY – DAY 2 – WED 28 MARCH ‘18What a day!First darkness did our Hotel no justice.It is magnificent. The front of the Hotel is on the coast with spectacular views of the magnificently blue Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is very good and those who went on an unapproved early morning exploration all came back with glowing reports.Then...

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

MALTA TOUR – DAY 1 – 27TH MARCH 2018Mother. Relax!We have all arrived safe and well in Malta.It was a long day.Just waiting to go seemed to drag and drag. It did not help that the weather was a tease. Sometimes sunny, sometimes even a little heat in that sun but mostly wet. The morning dragged. There is only so many times you can check the bag to make...


Sunday 25th March, 2018

ADSL MALTA DIARY 2018PROLOGUEI never really liked Ophelia.It wasn’t really her fault.More to do with Bill Shakespeare really and the fact that I had Hamlet for the Leaving Cert.But then she blew up quite the storm back in October to herald the most awful seemingly endless winter ever. Poor auld Boxer was at his wits end! Run off his feet!But I was quite...


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