Kennedy Cup Day 1 2018-06-11 15:00:00


             SUNDAY 10TH JUNE 2018

This is it!

This is what all the preparation has been all about. The excitement is palpable. The anticipation is huge.

We gathered at Kilmartins N6 Centre for 3.45pm. Well most of us did. Shane K was late! Apparently delays in Tang International Airport!

Already a Van full of food, equipment, gear, tables and chairs, anything you can think of really has left for Limerick.

Jason C is here. Fully intact. Two arms. Two Legs. No obvious injury or scarrings. He was playing Feile Stick Fighting and we are glad that he is fit and well.

Then aboard the bus for the scenic route to Limerick down the motorway and taking the new motorway after Athenry onto Limerick. We hope to make the second half of the South Tipp match.

Biyi was more of a pain than is usual on the Bus but otherwise all good craic and good fun.

We stopped on the way in the Galway Plaza. We got an indication of just how serious this Kennedy Cup lark is when Sam did not get a burger!

What devotion to the cause!

A two day camel ride later we arrived in the University of Limerick.

It was only then that we discovered the method behind the madness by timing our arrival perfectly just as the Van was fully unloaded and packed away into the houses. Genius! Pure Genius!

We then got our House and Room keys and found where we will stay for the next six days. We are in Kilmurry Village – Houses 7, 8, 10 & 11. We are in Houses of either 6 or 8. Each player has his own Room. It is grand. A bed. Loads of wardrobe space (in case anybody might want to use that!). A sink. A desk and a chair. A bin (like we are going to use that!). Grand.

After settling in we then changed into our Training gear and went and did a short session. Mostly a passing drill to blow away the cobwebs. It was good and at a good tempo. Then we had a look at the Pitches and where we will play our first match tomorrow. The pitches are amazing and the view from the hill is sensational and we are starting to get an appreciation for how big this all is.

Then back to the Houses for Supper.

Wow! We had a choice of Chicken Curry or Lasagne. Some had both. It was delicious. Well done Norman! Nobody will go hungry here.

Then we had a Team Meeting.

We are in the zone now.

We talked about our targets for tomorrow and for the week. Some great words and great motivatation. It would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. That is if you had any hair on the back of your neck! The standard of the Kenney Cup haircuts this year is either awful or awesome! Nobody is quite sure! Then we received our Jerseys for tomorrow with our Name on the back. Just pure class! Fellas were just bursting with pride and happiness!

Nobody was now in any doubt but that this is the biggest sporting week of our lives. Can this get better and bigger than this?

Then it was back to our individual Houses. Fellas that were full about an hour ago are now ravenous with the hunger! The Coco Pops share price has gone through the roof!

Lights out followed and was generally well observed. A chance to try on the jersey again. Have a look in the mirror. And dream of what tomorrow and the following days might hold.

NOTE:- We are on Pitch 2 tomorrow Monday alongside the big hill. Please come support us if you can. We could do with the support on the biggest sporting day of our young lives. Hope to see you tomorrow!


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